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Federal Tax Credits

What daylighting products qualify for Federal tax credits under the Solar Energy program?

A tubular skylight with a Solar Electric Night Light qualifies, as does Redilight. Traditional skylights with a solar powered shade included.

What is excluded?

The federal tax credit applies to the product and installation. Accessories and add-ons, such as light kits, ventilation kits, daylight dimmers or decorative fixtures are excluded.

What do I need in order to claim the tax credit?

You'll need your receipt for purchase and installation, a manufacturer's certification, and IRS Form 5695. On this form, on line 1: Qualified solar electric property costs, you'll enter the cost of the product and installation.

Do solar products in my second home or rental property qualify?

Existing homes and new construction qualify; as well as primary residences and secondary residences, such as vacation homes. Rental properties do not qualify.

When were the tax credits established and when do they expire?

Tax credits for residential solar installations were initially created under the Energy Policy Act of 2005, and have been extended several times under other additional acts. In 2015, the credits were extended once again. The 30% tax credit for residential installations extends until the end 2019, and then begins a step down until 2023, after which unless renewed it will phase out completely.

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State Tax Credits

Are there local incentives for my county and/or city?

Arizona has the Arizona Solar Tax Credit. It is a 25% tax credit on product and installation for both 2020 through 2023.

Neither Solar Concepts, Redilight, QuietCool, or any product manufacturers are tax consultants. This information is provided as general knowledge.  If you have any further questions regarding taxes, consult a tax professional.