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Here’s Why You Should Hate Skylights (wink wink)
June 20th, 2023
Most in the building industry will tell you and their customers: “I love skylights…in someone else’s home.”This article from Velux, one of the nation’s leading manufacturers of high quality skylights,...  Read More
by Solar Concepts
6 Things To Consider When Buying A Solar Skylight Alternative
April 12th, 2023
Are you considering a solar skylight alternative? The article linked below article discusses six key considerations when buying a solar skylight alternative for your home. First, it emphasizes the imp...  Read More
by Solar Concepts
Solar Powered Lights
March 9th, 2023
Here’s an interesting article about solar lights in general. The info pertains to RediLight systems and their many advantages as well as solar systems overall.“Thanks to modern photovoltaic cells, LED...  Read More
by Solar Concepts
The Health Benefits of Natural Light
December 27th, 2022
Natural light actually provides measurable health benefits. It’s a photographer’s best friend, a selling point for homes and a major perk for office employees: natural light.As a general rule, most of...  Read More
by Solar Concepts
7 Health Benefits of Sunlight
October 7th, 2022
DO YOU KNOW HOW IMPORTANT IT IS TO GET A LITTLE SUNSHINE?Scientifically, sunshine has a lot of benefits for our bodies. Here are seven great reasons to get outside and soak in the sun.1. IMPROVES YOUR...  Read More
by Solar Concepts
The #1 Office Perk? Natural Light
June 24th, 2022
The news headlines about what perks or elements of office design make for a great employee experience seem to be dominated by fads — think treadmill desks, nap pods, and “bring your dog to work day” f...  Read More
by Solar Concepts